What's New?

Exciting times ahead ... we have relocated Bijou Fine Arts to Mount Pleasant, a beautiful hideaway on the Illawarra escarpment, just one hour from Sydney!  Our sales facility is currently being established and it is hoped that within the next couple of months, we will be open for viewings for collectors from the Illawarra and Sydney regions.

Our business remains primarily focused on Burmese artefacts and religious symbols, however, due to the recent popularity of Burma by western tourists, good quality and genuine artefacts are becoming very rare and difficult to source!  So, if you have been able to obtain a collection of your own, hold onto them as they are becoming unique treasures!!   I am regularly visiting Burma (at least annually) to keep in touch with developments, seek out fine and unusual products, and of course visit the many friends I have made in Yangon and Bagan.  Although increased tourism may not be so good for obtaining unique artworks, we are very excited for the Burmese people as their country is under significant development, meaning they are moving in a direction that is allowing all persons to enjoy an improved quality of life.

On the upside, the Burmese lacquerware industry has expanded due to foreign tourist interest: generating income for local families.

I am due to leave for Burma in May to voluntarily assist some local businesses in developing their business process/systems to take advantage of the influx of foreign interest within the country.  Many Burmese people are working alongside western organisations to establish much needed infrastructure, communications and services for the Burmese people. 

Whilst Bijou Fine Arts is undergoing change, don't forget that we display our products via the "Special Pieces" Gallery on Southdowling Street in Sydney.  Call in and see Doug at Special Pieces to view his extensive range of Japanese, Chinese and Burmese artifacts and furniture pieces.

Keep watching this space for details of our new Showroom facility at Mount Pleasant...opening very soon!!